About Dr. Mary Ann

Growing up with 5 very adventurous older brothers, there was no getting around an active lifestyle. I knew from an early age that it was important to move your body and feed it properly, but it wasn't until college that I fully understood the science of it. I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to earn by B.S. in Plant and Agricultural Sciences. From there, I was able to tie in my science background with practical human applications through my Doctorate in Chiropractic. Throughout school I maintained an active lifestyle by qualifying and competing in several competitions such as the World Championship Spartan Race, 5 years of the Crossfit Games Regionals competition, and several triathlons and trail races along the way. I know first hand what an injury means to an athlete, and the importance of not only rehabbing it quickly, but doing everything possible to avoid it happening in the future. 

I am currently doing my post-doctoral education in the field of sports specific care as well as functional nutrition, and am always learning new ways I can help my patients get better faster, and stay healthy longer. 

2017 Dr. Mary Ann Toney, D.C.

Dr. Mary Ann Toney, D.C.

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