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Chiropractic and Active Release Technique

A thorough neurological and musculoskeletal examination will be performed prior to any treatment. In areas of the body that need care, light manipulations and fascial release will be administered to restore the bodies optimal function.

Functional Nutrition

Often times, chronic issues can be managed by nutritional and lifestyle changes. A corrective plan is tailored to each individual with their specific goals in mind, whether that may be chronic inflammatory conditions, intestinal issues, or body composition goals.

Fitness Programs

Personalized fitness plans to help you reach your goal, and keep your joints healthy along the way.

Corrective Exercise

More often than not, a corrective exercise program is necessary to keep an aching back/neck/shoulder/etc. at bay. Each patient will receive a personalized program to keep them out of the office for as long as possible!



2017 Dr. Mary Ann Toney, D.C.

Dr. Mary Ann Toney, D.C.

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